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our roots

Jim, Alison, Lou, and Lily Deutsch farm together, as a family.

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Since 2006, we have been raising hogs outside, all year round, on pasture in the sunshine and snow. When the Midwest weather does not allow for our animals to be outside, they enjoy deep bedded pens. In the Spring of 2010, we purchased our Wisconsin farm located on 160 acres in Osseo, WI.

Our animals are outside for feed, hay, or grass.
Pigs are able to nest in cornstalks and straw while the chickens are in the yard or pasture for grass, bugs, and feed.

We are committed as a family to grow healthy.

When a visitor asked seven year-old Lou if he wanted to be a farmer when he grew up, he said very matter of fact, “I am a farmer.”

Deutsch Family Farm
N 50666 Hogstad Rd, Osseo, WI 54758